Research and Training

Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences & Technology (HICAST) has its Research and Training Directorate to formulate, envision, encourage and facilitate the forth coming research and internship areas for its student and faculty research. It works in close cooperation with its teaching faculty members and also encourage out of college researcher and institution to provide research venue to work together based on mutual understandings of both parties. HICAST is willing to partner with potential national and international donors, research scholars and science and technology activists. 


HICAST conducts and instructs various research, research methodology training and direct skill oriented training programs to its running students and also to the public. Students are obliged to submit thesis paper based on their laboratory and/or field works and the data they collected during their work in most logical and scientific way.

HICAST faculty members conduct research projects in the area of their expertise and also guide student internships and thesis related research.  The faculties, promoter-academicians and students have been involved in applied research and participatory development activities in their fields of expertise and in elective courses. The aim of such research activity is to generate new scientific-technological information and knowledge. We emphasize students to analyze the data scientifically in more comprehensive way, while the aim of participatory learning, developmental or extension programme is to disseminate the information, technology or the knowledge generated to the communities concerned.

Provision for internship as participatory and applied research has been made to train the students for undertaking such activities independently in close association or in partnership with the members of farming communities or relevant institutions/ industries/ NGOs / other local communities. This provision has provided the students with opportunity for their self-empowerment as well as with some financial support from some donors. This is an innovative approach incorporated first time in the higher educational system in Nepal. As an extension activity HICAST students are exposed to various crops and livestock farms, as integral part of the courses of studies of their practical classes and project works. During this period the concerned teacher provide technical orientation and training.

Research/Teaching Laboratories

HICAST has modern laboratories of the agriculture, veterinary, food technology and basic science related subjects for effective delivery of practical knowledge and skill. Farm-based observations and practical works are conducted in various livestock and crop farms and industries of individual farmers, NARC. DAO, DLS, DDC and cooperatives based on the mutual agreements signed with them.  Some of these laboratories of HICAST include the following:   Molecular Biology applied Microbiology and Biochemistry • Plant Tissue Culture and Biotechnology • Soil Science and Agro-chemistry • Entomology • Pathology • Crop Science • Seed Technology Veterinary: • Anatomy • Pathology • Parasitology • Physiology • Veterinary Microbiology • Gynecology • Medicine • Surgery Food Technology • Dairy Technology • Meat Technology • Food Quality Assessment


HICAST has 1 hectare of land in Badegaun, Lalitpur and Kirtipur, Kathmandu. HICAST has established its own agronomy farm and integrated crop livestock farm. At present, the land is used for developing experimental/demo-farm of agriculture and livestock related subjects. However, we have to allocate more effort and resource to explore the production potential of the farmland to the optimum level. College management should take this issue very seriously.

HICAST has signed in MoU between different line agencies of Nepal Government and other non-governmetal national/international organizations and private farms and industries to conduct field trials/lab works and research in different fields of agricultural and veterinary sciences.


Dr. Bidur P Chaulagain, Ph.D. 


Directorate of Research and Training.

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