Important Notice for Thesis Book Submitting Students

College Admin

02 Jan 2019

It is hereby informed to all the concerned students of B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture 8th Semester and B. V. sc. & A.H. 10th Semester students to follow the following instructions mandatorily while submitting their final thesis book to the Examination Management Office and academic administration of HICAST.

  1. All the measurements and units must be mentioned in the metric system following the International System of Units (SI systems). For example, the land area must be converted from ‘ropani’ and must be written in ‘hectare’ unit. Likewise, all those local or foreign measurements, if any has done during the study period, must be converted into the metric system (SI).
  2. The length of the abstract of the thesis must be below 250 words. There must be up to 5 keywords from the thesis.
  3. The guidelines of HICAST for thesis book must be followed strictly, like font, font size, line spacing, title, table of contents, body, table, figure, photographs, CV, referencing system, student’s information etc.  
  4. Thesis advisors and students are hereby are encouraged and advised to follow the guidelines strictly while developing the thesis and for final print due to submission.
  5. The thesis book not meeting the criteria mentioned in guidelines and instructed by HICAST is not accepted.


Issued by:

The Internal Quality Assurance Committee,

Thesis Committee,

Editorial Board, Thesis Abstract Publication,

The Examination Management Office,


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