Notice on Editorial Board Formation for HICAST News Round-Up

College Admin

24 Jan 2018

Directorate of Research and Training (DoRT) and Publications of HICAST is going to form an ‘Editorial Board’ in the following format. The purpose of this editorial board is to regularize the publication of HICAST newsletter ‘HICAST News Round-Up’ quarterly, train students on publications science journalism, editing newsletter and journals and publish HICAST’s institutional as well as student’s and campus activities.

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Executive Chair Person

Managing Editor Director: Directorate of Research and Training (DoRT) and Publications



Head, Postgraduate Program

Head, Undergraduate Agriculture Program

Head, Undergraduate Veterinary Program

Sub-Editors (Students)

Lead Sub-Editor-1

Postgraduate Program- 4

Undergraduate Agriculture Program- 4

Undergraduate Veterinary Program- 4


Students who are interested to contribute as Lead Sub-Editor and sub-editors are informed to send their letter of intent with brief CV including previous publications and editorial experiences, with exemplary works like past publications in general literature, popular science articles, essays and poetry. Among the applicants Lead-Sub-Editor will be commissioned by Editor-in-Chief in consultation with Managing Editor. All the editors and sub-editors should work on voluntary basis.

Interested students are requested to submit their application within 1 week of the publication of this notice. Application can be submitted in hard copy or in electronic version in the following address.




Dr. Bidur P. Chaulagain

Email: |||  Tel. +977-9843885387    |||     Skype: bpatcg 

Managing Editor, HICAST News Round-Up

Director & Professor, Directorate of Research and Training (DoRT) and Publications

Managing Editor, Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences (NepJAS)

Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST)

Central Office, Bagdole, Lalitpur

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