Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences,volume 15, 2017 is available online

16 Sep 2017  

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A Breakthrough in Monocot Transformation Methods

07 Sep 2016

The ability to generate transgenic plants without regard to cultivar or genotype can be considered a holy grail of cereal crop transformation. Despite years of effort, it has been remarkably difficult to develop efficient methods for transformation of cereals. The preferred methods generally involve Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of cultured tissue or immature embryos, followed by callus culture to regenerate plants (reviewed in Shrawat and Lörz, 2006). Unfortunately, the...

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06 Jun 2016

Individuals from national and international public, private and government organizations united recently to discuss the future of agriculture in Nepal at a workshop hosted by the Agricultural Extension Council in South Asia (AESA) in collaboration with the Nepal Agriculture Extension Association (NAEA). Held in Godavari, Lalitpur, the workshop’s purpose was to identify and assess the capacity gaps of extension and advisory service providers and investigate the means through which these...

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Desert in Bloom: The Incredible Story of Agriculture in Israel

30 May 2016

Before I visited Israel, all I really knew about the country was its conflict with Palestine and what I had heard about their advanced agricultural practices. I traveled to the country with a group of two dozen international participants as part of an agricultural course. Like myself, when they thought about Israel, they mostly focused on its holy city of Jerusalem and the struggle with Palestine. But during our trip, we learned that the region is more than just a battleground. While...

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निजी कृषी कलेज स्थापनाको १५ वर्ष : अनुभव र अपेक्षा : डा. बिदुर प्रसाद चौलागाई, देशान्तर साप्ताहीक वर्ष ३४, अँक ७, २०७३, जेठ २६ गते

29 May 2016

हिमालयन कलेज अफ एगृकल्चरल साइन्सेज एण्ड टेक्नोलोजी (हिकाष्ट)ले १२ जेठ २०७३ मा पन्ध्र बषन्तहरु पुरा गरि १६औँ वर्षको किशोरवयमा प्रवेश गरेको छ। यो सँस्थालाइ जीवन दिई यति लामो यात्रा तय गराएर यहाँसम्म ल्याइ पुर्याउनुमा मुख्यत: यस सँस्था माथि विश्वास र भर गरि आफ्ना सन्तानलाइ आफुले कमाइ गरी अथवा दुख जिलो गरि सञ्चीत गरि राखेको धन सम्पती खर्च गरेर पढाउन पठाउने अभिभावकहरु मुख्य रुपले धन्यबादका पात्र छन। तर यो सँस्थाको सुरुवाती कल्पना, स्थापना र बिकाशमा यस लेखका पक्तीकार लगाएत अरु कृषी, पशु- विज्ञान...

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Short-Course On Home Garden Approach To Improving Family Nutrition And Household Resilience!!

29 May 2016

  The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization’s Hunger Statistics of 2013 shows that nearly one in eight of the total world’s population are suffering from chronic undernourishment, and almost 98% of these people live in developing countries. Nepal Demographic and Health Survey 2011 suggests that 41% of children under the age of 5 are suffering from chronic under nutrition (stunting) and 35% of women of age 15-49 are anemic in Nepal. The Nepali Government’s...

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Latest funding opportunities!!

27 May 2016

    Belgian Development Agency (BTC) -- Fair and Sustainable Trade in Precious Metals Deadline:  10 Jul 2016 BTC's program in Trade for Development offers grants to improve the market access of organizations that are committed to fair and sustainable trade, including trade in precious metals. Among other objectives, project activities include the reduction of negative environmental impacts of mining and metals...

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हिकाष्ट कलेजको १५ वर्षे यात्रा ,चार सय दक्ष जनशक्ति बजारमा : डा. विनायक राजभण्डारी

26 May 2016

कृषिका विभिन्न क्षेत्रसँग सम्बन्धित ज्ञान हासिल गरेका १५ जना बौद्धिक वर्गको पहलमा कृषिको सर्वोपरी विकासका लागि जन्मिएका संस्था हो, हिकाष्ट कलेज । वि.सं २०५७ साल जेठ १२ गते स्थापना भएको (हिमालयन कलेज अफ एग्रीकल्चर साईन्सेस एण्ड टेक्नोलोजी) हिकाष्टले करिब २ वर्षको समयावधि पूर्वाधारको विकास तथा अनुसन्धानमा खर्चियो । हाल १ सय ३५ जना सदस्य आवद्ध यस कलेजमा छन् । प्रारम्भमा २८ जना विद्यार्थीलाई कृषि शिक्षा अध्यापन गराउँदै सुरु गरीएको हिकाष्ट कलेजमा अहिले ६ सय जना विद्यार्थीले कृषि शिक्षा अध्ययन...

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24 May 2016

Rain fed farming is no more reliable system of farming. Its difficult to cultivate crop solely  depending upon rain. However, farmers are unable to use any reliable system of irrigation due to its high cost of installment specially in poor country like Nepal. The farmers having fragmented lands also faces such problem. So we need such system which is easy to construct, comfort in using and is within the economic range of marginal farmers. Thus, for us treadle pump system ( Laxmi...

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