Editorial Summary : Nepalese Journal of Agricultural Sciences 2018 Vol 17

College Admin

31 Dec 2018



B. P. Chaulagain

Managing Editor


HICAST, NepJAS, Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is in transition from conventional subsistence farming and livestock rearing to modern integrated farming system focusing on whole value chain. Due to inadequate scientific and technological knowledge among wider sector of farming communities Nepal has hitherto remained far behind in agricultural production, and has been shifted from a food grain exporter to importer country. About one third food grain and two third of other food commodities are now imported from other countries. These are the issues of most academic and socio-economic and technical researches in Nepal and other countries. This volume of the NepJAS consists of such original research and review articles. Few articles included in this volume are contributed from developed countries like USA, Russia, and China. There are altogether 30 articles published in this volume. This editorial summary presents gist of the major findings of those articles.

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