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06 Jun 2016

Individuals from national and international public, private and government organizations united recently to discuss the future of agriculture in Nepal at a workshop hosted by the Agricultural Extension Council in South Asia (AESA) in collaboration with the Nepal Agriculture Extension Association (NAEA). Held in Godavari, Lalitpur, the workshop’s purpose was to identify and assess the capacity gaps of extension and advisory service providers and investigate the means through which these gaps can be addressed. 
Among the approximately 30 participants from more than 10 organizations were policy advisors, researchers and teachers, including HICAST Adjunct Professor Mr. Kamal Kant Jha. 
“Nepal’s agriculture industry is constantly evolving,” said Professor Jha. “As educators we have an important responsibility to develop forward-thinking curricula that prepares our students to address current and future challenges. This workshop was a valuable opportunity to discuss what these challenges are and how we can react to them.”
Workshop attendees identified capacity gaps at the individual, organizational and enabling environment levels among extension and advisory service providers.

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