"Agricultural revolution through quality education"
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Welcome to HICAST

What we are?

HICAST is commited to ensure the quality of education that is offered to its graduates. We have just produced some 300 plus graduates both bachelors and masters degree holders; and we feel encouraged that they have exhibited excellent performance in the field of their work. Some of them have been pursuing higher studies in USA, UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Newzeland, and India in full scholarships. Some of the HICASTians have already returned back to Nepal after completing higher studies; and have been working with various national and international organizations quite successfully. Quite a good number of HICAST graduates have also joined Government service; and they have been working in different districts.

What we aim for?

Being predominantly an agricultural country, the need of competent agriculturists and veterinarians is a must for economic growth of Nepal. Keeping this need in mind and realising the gap in the field of standard agricultural education a number of agriculturists and veterinarians in the leadership of Dr Binayak P Rajbhandari felt the need of an institute that would solely be dedicated to produce competent graduates in these fields. Thus HICAST was established in the dawn of new millennium, the year 2000.